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Den'kou no sato Den'kou no sato : 12697

Shinkirô no sato Shinkirô no sato : 11349

Asahi no sato Asahi no sato : 11349

Bokumetsu no sato Bokumetsu no sato : 43136

ReiKai ReiKai : 14010

Shimu no sato Shimu no sato : 13339

Kokoroshiro Kokoroshiro : 11349

Hagane no sato Hagane no sato : 11349


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Condition générale d'utilisation

NinjaRPG est un site Francais, par conséquent il est couvert par la légalisation Française. En cas de problèmes, le for juridique sera celui de la région Midi-Pyrénées. Les points suivants sont considérés comme acceptés par l'utilisateur qui s'inscrit en cochant la case correspondante dans le formulaire d'inscription:

Tous les propos tenus ci-dessous sont applicables pour le domaine NinjaRPG ainsi que tous ses sous domaines !

Général :


It is strictly forbidden to hold insults on the domain and subdomains of NinjaRPG (forum, e-mail, including chan!)


All considered unethical behavior may result in a warning or in serious cases or repeat offenders banned.


It is strictly forbidden to advertise a competing site in a message or a signature on the forum or in NinjaRPG.


The flood, spam or other behavior deemed excessive by the site administrators, result in a warning or removal of the user.

Webmaster et administrateurs :


Webmasters and site administrators may at any time decide and implement changes to the site without any remedy is possible for users.


Webmasters and directors undertake to keep the website and update it according to their time and resources.


All disrespect an administrator / webmaster / moderator of the field will be punished.

Les utilisateurs :


Users are advised to enjoy, have fun, use the site. It is strictly forbidden to prevent another user from using the domain correctly.


Any attempt to cheat is likely to banishment.


It is forbidden to cheat, hack or enjoy a bug in this area. All bugs, security holes or other discoveries by the user will be immediately announced to webmasters. Anyone taking advantage of a bug or a flaw will be banned.


Any form of anti-game will be immediately punished.


This game is completely free pages offer the purchase of services are in no way an obligation of use.


The Client (creation of multiple accounts by the same person) is prohibited on NinjRPG. Anyone who indulges verrra all of its accounts deleted without notice. Similarly, recover on behalf of a friend who no longer plays for his own benefit and MCC is considered prohibited. Finally, it is forbidden to sponsor yourself.

Actes de paiement :


Parts of the site, some services are only available after you have done an act of payment. It is by no means mandatory to parts of the site protected by Rentabiliweb or other services.


If a user uses one of these services mentioned in Article 4.1 and that it would not work properly, contact an administrator after making sure that the problem is not Rentabiliweb. Information on this topic is available on the forum. However, the admins / webmasters to declare all possible to avoid problems.


Any action against the field, admin or webmasters can only be after using a paid service!


Persons under 18 are required to obtain permission from the owner of the telephone, credit card or any other means of payment used on this site. No action may be brought against the field in case a non-major or incapable of discernment would use the paid services of this website without prior acceptance by their legal representative.

Divers :


In case of problems beyond our control (system crash, data loss or other), users can not under any circumstances turn against the domain admins or webmasters.


For all other cases of problem gambling, webmasters can make the decisions they want without the user being able to attack.


The webmasters reserve the right to stop the game, delete the website without notice at any time and for any reason.


For all cases not covered by this Charter or the administrators / webmasters would not be 100% at fault, no action could be taken against them.


The sale or exchange of character account is not allowed except under the acceptance of the administrators or webmaster we are not responsible for this exchange.

Merci de votre comprehension

Cette charte sera complétée au fil du temps. N'hésitez pas à contacter un administrateur en cas de problèmes.

Lieu: Toulouse, Midi-Pyréné, FRANCE
Date: 10 Avril 2005