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Welcome to the wonderful world of NinjaRPG ...

By entering here, prepare to be transported by a magical atmosphere, full of small flowers and stars, where young princesses dream of their charming prince ...
Uh ... Oops, I am wrong in history!

Ah! There.

By entering here, be ready to be picked up by an unparalleled atmosphere where friendships are made and unravel, where traîtrises and cheap shots are legion, where nothing matters more than the pursuit of power ... Unless you choose another path? It will be up to you to identify and track your nindô ...

Very loosely based on manga Naruto, NinjaRPG allows you to embody a shinobi belonging to one of the eight hidden villages of the game, each with its own peculiarities.
Warning, "loosely based upon Naruto" does not mean "copy of Naruto" ^^ You will not find here neither Hokage or Kazekage, nor village of Konoha or Oto no Kuni, but on the other hand, our eight hidden villages and their respective Kage should satisfy you ^^

Your task as aspiring ninja will be to train, to train hard, to learn jutsu both for the attack and the defence, carefully selecting your specialties (ninjutsu, genjutsu, taijutsu) and your items (Katon, Suiton, Fuuton, Doton, Mokuton, Hyoton, Kinton and Raiton for major), based on your fields of interest and preferences.
You will constantly measure other ninja, whether in your village or not, to test your power and measure your progress.
You will fight for your village, for his glory, its wealth and its reputation among the hidden villages!

Your ultimate goal, many dream of but few achieve: become a Kage!
But for this, become powerful won't be enough...
You will need to prove that you have the soul of a chief, that you are the dough is being leaders.
And to do that, only one solution: to give life to your character and give it a dimension beyond the boundaries of the site, thanks to Roleplay (RP of his nickname), which takes place on the forum. The RP is mandatory for all aspiring Kage!

However, you push your interest maybe to stay in the shadows and then you contenterez progress on the site, thus achieving all grades until Sennin. Your power may, even so, become legendary...

So that's it, you can see?
Just one more small thing to do to live all this and more: register now on NinjaRPG!

All ninja and Kage of the hidden villages wish you already welcome here.

And most importantly ... Have fun! ^^